​Transforming lives through SEIZING OPPORTUNITIES and achieving excellence.

BEd 2:1
​Mastercoach ILM

Working with Headteachers  and staff to enhance school performance.

 * Over 25 years experience in the Education  sector
* Passionate about ensuring ALL pupils recieve an outstanding education through quality first teaching

  * Advocate of personal and professional development

 * Up to date approved training - EMLC, NPQonline, International Coacing Academy - ILM endorsed 

Experience of working with - 

        * Headteachers
        * Senior Leaders
​             * Middle Leaders
             * Class teachers
             * RQTs
             * NQTs
             * Teaching assistants
             * Students - inc. TEFL

  1. 'The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher provide strong and effective leadership that is shared between the capable members of the senior leadership team'.
  2. ' Self evaluation is accurate and based on robust monitoring systems and data analysis'.
  3. 'Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage make good progress as a result of good teaching. Teachers plan activities that take account of children's next steps in learning'.